Ready to be a Fitness Model?  Here’s your chance!


MWR is looking for happy, energetic members of the Fit Family to feature on our website and business marketing. 



How to Enter:

  • Step 1 – Post your photo entry on Facebook or Instagram! 

  • Step 2 – Tag us @MurphWorkoutRadio in the photo. 

  • Step 3 - Follow us on InstaGram or FaceBook.  Either one qualifies.  Extra Likes equals “extra credit”.



Contest Details:

  • Murph Workout Radio will be looking for winners in the following categories each week:


  • Best Smile

  • Best Photo with a Kettle Bell

  • Most Creative

  • Most Intense Workout

  • Best Overall Murph Spirit


  • Submissions accepted until Sunday, Sept 27th.  Winners will be selected weekly and announced on every Wednesday until Sept 30th.  Grand Prize winner will be announced Sept 30th, 2020.


  • Number of weekly winners will vary between 0 and 5 (depending on number and quality of submissions).  Winners chosen at the sole discretion of Murph Workout Radio.


  • Judging will be based on the following criteria:


  • Overall photo quality.  No blurry or dark photos please.  Also, easy on the retouching.

  • Overall fit within any of the 5 contest categories.

  • Overall feel from the photo.  Does it project a positive, motivating, or inspirational vibe?

    • Extra credit if the photo includes headphones or otherwise appears to possibly be listening to Murph Workout Radio.

    • Added consideration for high number of Likes or Comments on your photo.

    • Double “extra credit” if photo incorporates the Murph Workout Radio app in some way.


Prize Details:

  • Awards – Weekly winners will receive the following:


  • Shout outs on Murph Workout Radio.  All winners will be announced over the air on Murph Workout Radio apps and  Broadcasting to 70 countries… thousands of listeners around the globe!

  • A free app download code for the Murph Workout Radio Apple app in the App Store.

  • Winners will be invited to be featured in a pre-recorded radio drop to be featured on air.  Winners will be able to announce their own social media user names to gain followers!

  • Winning photo will be featured online in Murph Workout Radio marketing.  Website/IG/FB, and maybe more!

  • Winners will be eligible to be offered status as a Murph Workout Radio official Ambassador for a minimum of one year.

  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER will enjoy all of the above PLUS:

    • Murph Workout Radio official hat and t-shirt from the Murph Merch Store.

    • A signature “Off The Grid” playlist based on the winner’s 15 favorite workout songs.  The special channel will be named in honor of the winner and will be available to subscribers of the Murph Workout Radio app in the App Store.


Legal Stuff:

  • Winners will be selected weekly.  No purchase necessary to enter the contest.  Must be 18 years or older to participate.  No guarantees are made to any contestant.  This is not an offer for employment.  No compensation is implied.  Employees and family of Murph Workout Radio employees are not eligible to participate.  By tagging @MurphWorkoutRadio in your photo on FaceBook and/or Instagram, participant is authorizing Murph Workout Radio to use that photo without restriction for advertising and marketing purposes.


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The Formula Is Simple!


It’s a simple equation.

Take the best music from the most popular artists you know and love.

Add in motivational quotes from the top motivational speakers on the planet.

Complete the combo by doing your favorite exercise or workout activity while you listen live.

This is Murph Workout Radio…. The magic formula to transform your life!


·       Live Workout Radio features multiple choices of music style or theme.

·       Custom pre-set fitness playlists allow you to enjoy your exercise music “Off the Grid”.

·       Motivational fitness music is hand-crafted by DJ’s who work out just like you.

·       Scientifically proven to reduce fatigue and improve overall performance.


Does your gym music suck?  Are you trying to fit radio into your workout routine but the music just doesn’t keep the right tempo for you?  Your training partner, Murph, is here to help!  If you want the best gym radio, then songs alone won’t cut it by themselves.  You’ve got to infuse your hit music with the best motivational quotes to pour some inspirational gasoline on your inner fitness fire!

Murph Workout radio offers a wide selection of commercial-free listening as well specialized channels available exclusively to app subscribers on both Apple App Store and Google Play. 

All your favorite music is here from the genres you love: Rock, Pop, Dance, EDM, Latin, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Country, and more!  Theme based channels capture your activity or mood like: Running, Yoga, Good Vibes, Girl Power, and many more.

The Murph Workout Radio app has even more features, including an Off The Grid mode that allows you to listen to hours of the best motivational workout music without the need for a cell or wifi signal!  Perfect for all your fitness activities, whether you’re in the gym or outside:

-          Running

-          Jogging

-          HIIT

-          Interval training

-          Sprints

-          Strength Training

-          Zumba

-          Dance

-          Cycling

-          Aerobics

-          Cardio

-          Crossfit

-          Boxing

-          Kickboxing

-          MMA

-          Military calisthenics

-          Weight lifting

-          Jump rope

-          Martial Arts

-          Skiing

-          Kayaking

-          Hiking

-          Trail Running

-          Body Weight exercise

-          Parkour

-          Free Running

-          Skateboarding

-          Or even just sitting in your chair.  (Although we recommend some tricep dips while you’re there.)

We are constantly adding new content as well as one-of-a-kind original motivational music mixes just for you.  If you’ve hit a plateau in your routine or you’re sick of a bad song coming on, just when you are maxing out your power reps, then Murph Workout Radio is here for you.  The best fitness music! The best fitness motivation!  All the exercise music you could ever hope for!  Hours and hours of content on every live music radio stream, makes sure you’re not hearing the same song on repeat, over and over again!  What more could you want?  Read to shift into gear 6?  Push the button… let’s go!