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12,500 Listeners Confirmed

So we started this little fitness music radio business a little over a year ago... in 12 months we have been able to manage 12,500 listeners! It's incredible. This shows we are the best workout music and exercise music known to man. Don't even think about going to Fit Radio, Pandora, or Spotify for your workout playlists. There's no point. We slaughter the competition because we have so much unique content you can't get other places. We are the only ones that took the time to really put together an amazing product for our listeners. We have a bunch of new workout music coming out to you all soon too. We are super excited for all of our fitness music and radio stations. We want to say thank you all very much for helping us get to this point and we will not forget where we came from until we sell out to some big wigs in Hollywood! Then well... we can still be friends BUT... know that the workout music is probably going to get worse.... But until that point... We promise dearly to get you everything you've ever desired and more. We have a lot of new things planned for 2021 and all of them involve 100% pure motivation and fitness music awesomness! We are going to bring you the best workout music to knock your socks off. You just wait and see. Everything we do will be on so much fire you won't know what to do with yourself. We will have to bring the fire hose and firemen (probably with their shirts off, to satisfy the ladies) to help stop you from getting in the zone and not stopping your workout because you'll be so motivated by our exercise music that you'll be an unstoppable machine as long as you have your fitness music going on in your headphones.

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