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12.5K Listeners

So I just checked in to see how many listeners we have currently on our fitness radio app, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we surpassed 12.5 thousand downloads and listeners! We passed the 150,000 listening minutes milestone. Which means we are the fastest growing fitness radio app on the market right now. We have been getting downloads like crazy. I just can't believe that we have surpassed an audience of 12,500 listeners. That means that we are the best workout music and exercise music. We have worked SO hard to get here and invested a lot of money to make all this happen so we are so thankful to all of our customers. If there's anything else we can do to help shape your workout, then let us know. We will be more than happy to kill it like we kill everything else we do. Seriously fitness radio is something that we take super seriously and we love making the best workout music. It is our passion and it is something that we genuinely want the best for our customers. What we do is something unique and speaks to our soul. Hopefully it speaks to yours too. We have gathered a group of other friends of various different musical backgrounds to help program Murph Workout Radio so we can almost guarantee you that you will find some sort of music on here that you will love. Fitness radio is what we love and we hope you love what we took so much time to produce for you. We promise to continue providing the best workout music radio known to man. We promise that Spotify, Pandora, Fit Radio, Gym Radio or whoever else is putting music in your headphones that they have nothing on us! We will always outperform our competition. We will always be the best workout music because fitness radio is what we do and where our minds are constantly.

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