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2 Days of rest is the best

So I know a lot of you think of us as the best workout music on the planet gifted to all you earthlings by the hands of Zeus, the power of God and Strength himself... which is all very true... we are actually the fitness music that Zeus listens to. Above and beyond that we are here to share some of our experiences with you. So here we are to once again be 100% completely genuine and sincere for you.

We have had just massive gains... by eating right but also by helping with the programming of our fitness... programming is important... overdo it and you injure yourself, not do it enough and you're not seeing enough gains.

Professional body builders say they KILL a muscle group and then wait 5 days for it to completely rebuild so they can KILL that muscle group again... Others say you workout that muscle group everyday. Meanwhile other people are doing run streaks. Sometimes the programming is SO complicated and over the top that it's too much to think about so simplifying things down to doing it everyday is a good fall back for some.

So at least from our experience... it seems as though giving muscles enough time to repair while eating the right things really does help the muscle rebuild. The sweet spot seems to be resting for two days. Three days feels like too much... Typically people say if you want to see improvement you should be working out that muscle 3 times a week.

So here's the thing that seems to be a really good starting spot for us.

Monday - Weight Training / running speed intervals

Tuesday - Calisthenics and or burst training / Biking

Wednesday - Running Race Pace Run

Thursday - Weight Training / Swimming

Friday - Calisthenics and or Burst Training / Biking

Saturday -Weight Training / Running

Sunday - Biking / Long Distance Running

It basically takes into account a seven day week, we try to hit 3 times a week per exercise but also try to leave 2 days of rest in there somewhere to have those muscles reheal and become stronger... better... faster... and MORE AWESOME!!!!

Which is ultimately our goal... give the power back to the people to have the energy and the drive to do everything they've always imagined.

So go forward with the information. Continue listening to the best workout radio and exercise radio because we produce hands down the best fitness music known to man.

There you go... that's it... nothing else to add, nothing else to comment on ... we tell you like it is and we move on... we are committed to serving our listeners.

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