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32,500 Cal / 7 day challenge

So this week we thought about issuing a challenge to all of our fitness radio listeners. So here is the challenge... who can listen to the best workout music for seven days and burn the most calories. Currently our CEO Bradley Murphree took on the challenge first. Lead from the front right? Well he made it to 32,547 calories. This burns a ton of fat off your body. So here's what the game plan was going into the challenge.

Burn 30,000 calories in 7 days was the goal.

Monday through Friday (we had to work too) but if we burned 2,000 Active Calories and 2,000 resting calories we could average 4,000 calories a day for those days.

5 X 4,000 calories puts us at 20,000 calories for those days going into a weekend.

THEN... if we burned an average of 5,000 calories on Saturday and Sunday this would get us to hit our goal. We of course didn't hit exactly the numbers perfectly dead on but when it was happening we always pushed a little further and a littler harder than required... It's the Murph Workout Radio that pushed us to do that.

We are planning on issuing a new challenge to you all soon. We are going to be offering three different levels

Bronze = 20,000 Cal / 7 days

Silver = 25,000 Cal / 7 days

Gold = 30,000 Cal / 7 days

Then of course the "I beat the CEO medal"

So coming soon... we need to circle back and figure out what the rules to the competition are going to be.

The best way to do it in my opinion is to Swim, bike, run and weight lifting...

Triathlons or virtual triathlons are a great way to burn calories for an extended period of time. What i learned from this exercise is that you need to train insane or remain the same. Those are your options. Doesn't mean that it doesn' t mean it doesn't need to be fun.

What else did you expect from the best fitness radio station?

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