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So I know the whole world listens and loves us for who we are which just happens to be the best workout music known to man... BUT... today we are going to cover how to get abs. Everybody loves them... we've done the research... and it turns out men love having them... ladies love when their man gets them... some ladies work and fight just as hard and harder than the men to get them... we cannot deny... EVERYBODY Loves Abs. It's because it's SO hard in today's day to get them. Even considering that there are plenty of you tube videos and health articles etc. on how to get them. So here's the bottom line from beer belly to 6 pack.

So first you need to fix your diet. You need to get all the bad stuff out of your diet first. That alone will help you lose the access fat. You're probably going to be eating in your own kitchen for a while. Check out our other blog about unveiling the truth about weight loss.

Okay so once that's done... you have to keep doing it until you reach your goal...

And then once that's done... and you have that on lock down.

Here is the AB workout of death brought to you by the best fitness music and ab specialists in the WORLD...

  1. Weighted Leg Ups - Hands down... best ab exercise EVER... You need a pull up bar and you have to buy some ab straps. They're about 20 dollars on amazon and some leg weights... also $20 on amazon. But then you put the leg weights on your legs, arms through the ab straps and bring your knees up to your chest. As time goes on in crease the number of reps and then go back and buy more leg weights and then do more reps and then buy more leg weights and then do more reps. When I was super fit and had really great abs --> My workout for this was 50 lbs of leg weights (25 each leg) it was broken into two pairs of 10 lbs (5 each leg) and then on top of that 2 pairs of 15 lbs (7.5 lbs each leg) I would do that for 25 reps, then remove the top layer of the 15 lbs... then 25 more reps, then remove another 15 lbs leg weights... 25 reps, remove the 10 lbs, 25 more reps and remove the last 10 lbs and then 25 reps as fast as I could for a total of 125 reps.... then you do that 3 times every other day and your abs start to come in pretty quick. It's one of my go to ab workouts. \

  2. Weighted Bosu Ball Sit ups - Get a bosu ball, I like the 85CM bosu ball but depending on height (i'm 5'11) you may want to get a small one if your shorter, or a larger one if your taller. Day 1, just try to do a set of 50 and then day two a two sets of 50 and so on... until you can start doing them with weight. So sit on the ball and with a wide foot stance put the weight in front of you... you can use a kettle bell or dumb bell or plate or whatever, and then start with something light... like 15 lbs and do iso metric holds, 5 seconds up, 5 second hold, 5 seconds down, and then reset and go again... eventually you build up the muscle to a point where you can just start increasing weight. Where I'm at right now - I use a 60 lbs kettle bell over my head for about 7 reps then I move to a 53 lbs kettle bell for about 15 reps, and then i drop to a 30 lbs kettle bell for about 20 reps and then a 15 lbs kettle bell for about 30 reps and then do as many with no weight as I can. Make sure to be leaning all the way back and your belly button should be touching the sky pointed up.

  3. Ab Wheel - These are also purchased on Amazon for about $30. But essentially do 3 sets of as many reps as you can on your knees until you can start doing them on your feet.

  4. Gravity Boots - These are a little more expensive about $90 on amazon but allow you to put them around your ankles like secured top half of a roller blade boot with a hook in them to hook up into a pull up bar. Then it allows you to hang upside down. Which allows you to do upside down sit ups... do as many sit ups as you can... once you start getting stronger, start adding more weight. NOTE: hanging upside down l.ike that also relieves tension from your spine. So if you want to hang out for a second... feel free.

  5. Bicycles - An old tried and true... lay on your back, your feet move in a bicycle movement while you put your hands behind your head and move opposite elbow to opposite knee.

  6. Plank - It's a classic. Try to do 3 minutes of combined plank a day. Do a 3 sets of a minute each or go for 30 seconds but 6 sets... As you become stronger, go for longer... try to hit 4 minutes of combined time and then 6 and so on. Great for the core. As you become more advanced, you can also increase the resistance by placing your feet shoulders width apart... and moving your feet back and getting it so your eyes are in light with the lines on your inner elbows. So changing the form can increase resistance on those trouble spots.

  7. Feet Up Crunches - So lie on your back, put your feet up at a 90 degree angle, and then crunch up and try to smack your feet with your hands... go for 25 reps per set and as many sets as you can do.

  8. Flutter Kick Bicycles - So the bottom half does flutter kicks - the top half does the bicycle movement - opposite knee to opposite elbow.

  9. Split Crunches - Laying on your back So one foot off the ground by 6 inches and the other knee at a 90 degree angle and then start crunching... then do the other side. This is great because it separates out both sides of your abs evenly so one side doesn't become bigger or stronger than the other side.

  10. Heels to the heavens - Lying on your back with your feet at a 90 degree angle pointing towards the sky, hip kick and get your feet up and hips off the floor and fight the flow of letting your feet come towards the ground. This is a fight the negative exercise with an isometric hold that burns the lower abs... Try for 25 reps.

  11. Kettle Bell Swings - As much weight as you can for 25 reps.

  12. Mountain Climbers - Start in the push up position and bring your knee to your chest like your running. As many as you can as fast as you can.

  13. Modified Mountain Climbers - Start in the push up position and then bring your right knee up to your right elbow and then swing it over to your left elbow and then do the left leg over to the left knee and then over to the right elbow and so on. Go for 25 reps.

So not ab related but sort of ab related -

Side Plank to hit the obliques

Oblique Get ups - Body at a 30 degree angle get up on your hips and but, once your feet and hip leave the floor - don't set them back down again.

Super-mans - Lay on your tummy put your hands up in the air and get your feet up in the air as high as you can to workout the lower back

Burpees - The most hated exercise of all time but also SUPER efficient.

Burpee jump backs - Start in the push up position and jump your feet to your hands and then back out into push up position again. Rinse and repeat. Boom!

GLOBAL - So do all of them, do some of them, pick and choose your favorites, put them together in some sort of new awesome combination... whatever... But whatever you do... do more than you did yesterday... try to get to the 200 - 300 rep category is where you'll see and feel the burn and not have to worry.

There it is. The Best Workout Music and Exercise Music app does it again. Bringing you real answers to real questions, to awesome results. Because we care... and we love our job of providing you the best fitness music EVER!

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