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All The New Channels

So we are over here just cranking out more of the best workout music and workout radio channels that you know and love. We have a new release once we pass the Apple Development Review in the App Store. This latest release will cover, We’ve implemented a few new channels to the internet radio station to include Cosmonaut and Girl Power. Our new line up looks like this.

1. Military Workout Music

2. Rock Workout Music

3. Alt Rock Workout Music

4. Hard Rock Workout Music

5. Dance Workout Music

6. Good Vibes Workout Music

7. Pop Workout Music

8. Latin Workout Music

9. Christian Workout Music

10. Country Workout Music

11. Running Workout Music

12. Motown Workout Music

13. Women’s Workout Music

14. Russian Workout Music ( Cosmonaut)

15. Staff Favorites

I’m sure somewhere in there we can fit your musical preference. Through programming all this workout music we’ve learned to sort of enjoy all of them and honestly it depends on what mood we’re in!! Sometimes the Dance Channel is cranking… and sometimes the Hard Rock Workout Music is cranking… It really just depends.

We will always try to continue to bring you the best workout music available and try to be the best workout radio station on the planet!

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