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Anyone Else Catch the Foo Fighters Last Night?

OK, so yesterday was Inauguration Day here in the U.S. After the oath was taken and speeches were made, Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks, led the nation with a live televised tribute featuring musical guests like Jon Legend, Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi, and others. Among the “others” was one of my personal all-time favorites… Foo Fighters!

Now, if you don’t know who these guys are, then you must not have been able to fit radio into your routine since the mid-90’s. Legendary grunge rock drummer, Dave Grohl, of Nirvana fame, created the “group” after the death of Kurt Cobain. While those in the industry expected him to move on to another band like Pearl Jam or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, he took a bet on himself instead. He recorded 15 of 40 songs he had written, performing and singing all of the parts on his own. The tapes circulated and Grohl quickly found himself needing to recruit members and form an actual band. Foo Fighters have earned 11 Grammy Awards since 2000 and their blood-pumping hits are perfect for rockers and fitness fans alike.

OK, now that you’re up to speed (if you weren’t already), these guys performed last night in Washington D.C. during the post-Inauguration celebration. So regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, it looked like a pretty amazing concert to me! Dave gives a 45 second speech at the beginning to set the tone before they kick off a slow somber version of their hit, “Times Like These”. I’ve gotta say, as many times as I’ve heard the song before, there’s just something about slowing it down that really makes you pay attention to the lyrics and feel the song in a different way. This was all great and it definitely fit the mood of a nation in turbulence, trying to find resolution with itself for a brighter future. But just when I thought that Dave and the Fighters were “gonna keep it PC” and maintain the sobriety of the moment, all hell broke loose!

I could tell it, but it’s probably better if you go experience it right now. Here’s the YouTube link posted by the Foo Fighters below. Check it out and come on back after. Go ahead….

Foo Fighters - Times Like These (Celebrating America)

If your hair didn’t stand on end at the 3:20 mark, when the entire band exploded into that adrenaline-charged version of “Times Like These”, then brother, you must be bald. (Nothing wrong with that, btw!)

These guys absolutely tore it up! It was all I could do to keep from running laps in my living room and bursting out 40 or 50 burpees before the end of the set. If music like that doesn’t get your gym radio speakers sizzling then you must need better equipment! For fit fans like us, it’s always great to hear new versions of the same hit songs that get you motivated and inspired to take things into Gear 6.

Have you heard a live version of something recently that’s as good or better than this? Send it our way and let us listen too! Email or just tag us @MurphWorkoutRadio on Instagram or Facebook. Now go tackle the rest of this day!

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