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Best Ab Exercises

So there are six of the best Ab Exercises known to man! So first we are going to show you that we are the best workout radio and exercise radio on the planet. If you really want to transform your fitness, motivation and outlook on life, you're going to first need to REALLY committ to workouts and eating right. Then turn on Murph Workout Radio and really get into the best workout music known to man. To really improve your exercise technique and really transition to becoming the awesome fitness person that you were meant to become!

Once all that's done... here are the top six ab exercises.

  1. Ab strap knee ups ... When these get too easy... add leg weights

  2. Hollow rock / banana boat

  3. Bosu Ball Sit ups These make your abs Round and extend the range of your sit up.

  4. Ab Wheel

  5. Bicycles / Bicycle flutter kicks

  6. Plank - with weight!

  7. One Leg extended crunch

Well there you have it. There are the best seven exercises that will TORCH your ab muscles. You can listen to the best workout music known to man while doing it... it will give you that extra sense of accomplishment and let you continue on your day with the best type of exercise music.

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