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Best Ab Exercises

I know by now you think of us as the best workout music and exercise music known to man however... I promise you that's not the only thing that we are. We legit care about all of our clients. Workout music and motivational music is only one of many aspects about the radio station that we are great at. So this article is about how we did the research and we found very best ab exercises known to man, proven by science.

  1. First turn on Murph Workout Radio to get that extra punch of workout music motivation.

  2. Bend legs at 45 degrees like a normal sit up. Put your arms straight up in the air and then do a full sit up. Go straight up first and then bend forward. Reach up to the sky and then move forward.

  3. Ab Wheelie - These are commercially available. Called the ab wheel, they workout the abs and lower back like non-other. When you're ready to take this to the next level, get a pair of olympic rings, hang them a few inches from the floor and get in the push up position and then extend out in front of you like super man as far as you can go.

  4. Reverse Sit Ups & Heels to the heavens - So keeping your torso on the ground with your legs straight, bring your legs up until they are heels pointing straight up, then use your hips to get straight up... and then back down.

  5. If you missed the point from number 1... Turn on Murph Workout Radio to get that additional push of the best workout music motivation.

  6. Bicycles - On your back, put your legs up and straighten one at a time while you move your torso back and forth. Put your hands behind your head and bring your opposite knee to opposite elbow.

  7. Bosu Ball Sit Ups - Grab a bosu ball and sit on the ball and put your back on it until your head is pointed towards the floor... and your abs are fully extended... then use your ab muscles to sit up. Try doing this for 50 reps without stopping... or try incorporating weight for 25 reps and then doing 25 reps with no weight... it will burn.

  8. Leg Up Crunches - Put your legs up in the air with your heels pointed towards the heavens, but this time do crunches.

  9. Plank - Obviously we couldn't not mentioned plank... Did we mention that you want to listen to the best workout music and exercise music?

  10. Plank Pikes - It's like plank but plank pikes, you get your butt up in the air and then roll onto your tippy toes, and then back down.

  11. Modified Mountain climbers - In the push up position, bring your right knee up to your right elbow, then over to the left elbow and then back to your right knee and back down.

  12. Hollow Rock / Banana Boat - Basically sit down on your back, bring your legs up, get your torso up... make a big U with your body and hold it.

  13. Flutter kicks - Lie on your back, and kick

  14. Flutter kick bicycles - It's like a flutter kick, but the top half is doing the bicycle movements.

  15. Legged Crunches - Lie on your back, one leg 6 inches off the ground, one leg up at a 90 degree angle. Do crunches... then switch.

We should also talk about exercises that support the mid section

  1. Side Planks

  2. Oblique get ups

  3. Super man

  4. Cherry Pickers / Russian Twists

  5. Weighted cable pull twists.

If you can do all of that 4X a day, you'll be in FANTASTIC Shape. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest. It's that simple. Plus let me also mention that you should have on the best workout music and exercise music known to man. Murph Workout Radio is just the thing to keep you pushing. Keep you moving and keeps motivational music in your years.

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