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Best Exercise Music

So today I was beta testing the web stream listening to the free version of Murph Workout Radio and driving around town. I was on my way to a workout and thought I would see if I can keep it on cellular. The great news is that it worked... the bad news was that I was getting pumped up while I drive... and sure enough a police officer pulled me over and I almost had that moment from the first mighty ducks movie where the police officer asked Emilio Estivez to turn the music down in the car.... except he heard it and was like... what station is that? It sounds awesome... And I told him yeah, I'm sorry I was speeding I was getting a little pumped up because I'm beta testing this free workout music radio station thing and he was like wait... "it's free?" and I told him yeah... it's Murph Workout Radio... so if you go to you can hear the stream for free. He basically thanked me and said he would probably workout to it later and let me off with a warning... I then continued on my way to the Calabassas hidden stairs in California (great workout by the way) and continued beta testing it with a good stair workout... I was stopped by several people wondering if they can get a copy of it... and I said, of course... it's free... that's how radio is supposed to work!?!?!? But evidence that it truly is the best workout music is that everybody wants a copy of it... that's why we are giving it away for free! To serve as many people as we can! We truly love being a free music online radio streaming service. Internet Radio is such an awesome thing because we can reach anyone in the world… We appreciate all who tune in to exercise to our workout and fitness music.

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