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Best Workout Music

So yes… we released the best workout music to the world a little while ago. We have a close knit group of people we have been beta testing the version 1.0 app with. Everything went great. There were a few things… that we immediately saw as really great updates so we wanted to remain dedicated to being the best workout music. Some of those updates to help with you and your fitness journey are,

1. We upgraded to more streams with different genre’s of music.

2. We put together more than 112.5 times more music than on any other radio or internet radio channel.

3. We implemented an Off The Grid mode for those Ultra runners that want to listen to our workout music while they run through the middle of a desert with no service.

4. We implemented a new contact system, so if people want to get a hold of us for whatever reason they can.

We continue to add more and more functionality as well as more and more music. We have received nothing but great feed back about our running music, workout music, Military music, and Rock Music. Everyday, day by day, we are receiving words of motivation from fitness industry leaders only reconfirming that we are the world’s best workout music and internet radio station / workout music app. There isn’t anyone that even comes close.

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