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Best Workout Music

Graham here…. It’s another Saturday and I saw some Oregon sunshine peeking through my windows at home. My wife was ready to run and my kid was ready to jump on her electric bike and hit the trails across the road from our neighborhood. Woke up on the living room floor after binge-watching Netflix last night so… you know…. This was gonna be a challenge. I needed some Murph Workout Radio to get me going! This is seriously the best workout music in the world. It really pumps up my workouts.

I can say that after about 12 seconds of Rage Against the Machine in my ears, I was fired up and hitting the pavement with a good opening stride. My family got the jump on me since I had to close the garage door and circle around through the front to get started. But that’s OK. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there to remind me “if the President of the United States has time to workout, then YOU have time to workout”! With a little laugh and a smile, I tore up our hill at 500ft elevation and was on my way to catching up to my girls.

Well, they showed some mercy on me and waited at the roadside before crossing over to Jenkins Estate trails. But then the real game was on. Cross the parking lot pavement and head left through woods… that was how it started. Then it was into the narrows and into the mud. Sure, the sun was out, but this is still Oregon. You can be staring at blue skies and be drenched in rain here. It’s just how it goes.

Two right turns in, and I could barely see the taillights of the bike. The path suddenly got slick with mud, and despite having my trusty Nike trail shoes, I went for a little slip n’ slide just ahead of an approaching twenty-something walking her two dogs. Thankfully I didn’t quite eat it (thank you, Parkour balance skills). Recovering quickly and continuing the stride past the dog walker, I said “You should see my dance moves”, and carried on! I was rewarded with a laugh and I continued the descent to catch up to my family.

Made it to the bottom with both of my girls waiting for me near the property fence line. Our little dog, Space, was yapping away in his backpack, sprawling to get out. “Not yet, buddy.” It was time to turn around and climb. If the way down the hill was tricky, the way up was gonna be an even bigger challenge. A 500ft muddy ascent in steep fashion. No problem. Just cranked my iPhone up a little louder and dug on in. Beastie Boys started belting out Sabotage and I became a superhero once again! Thanks Murph Workout Radio. It's really inspiring to me to have free workout music on an awesome radio station that I can tune in to everyday. I love the free radio streaming and online music service that Murph Workout Radio brings to the table. I love to workout to it!

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