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Best Workout Music

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We were awarded the Best Workout Music award by the Noel Graham foundation! They did a study of over 10,000 different workout music and internet radio channels and they chose Murph Workout Radio as the #1 Best Workout Music On The Planet. We received the award and honored that people are trusting us with their fitness, motivation and workout music. We are super thankful to have this many fans and love the fact that we are able to be so successful. We promise and commit to always be producing better and better if not the best workout music. We fully understand that people eventually need something new to listen to and love the fact that we can produce some of the best workout music known to man. The award is nice and it won’t stop us from continuing on down this road of awesome. We are just glad that we can have such an amazing following. We can’t do enough to say thank you to all the fitness motivation fans and people who truly believe in our product and the ones that voted for us as the Best Workout Music on the planet.

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