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Independence Day

So today we made the decision that we are going to update the website with more Workout Music. We have been creating amazing channels left and right for all our users to listen to and focus on their fitness with. Our goal is for you to be motivated and increase your fitness by listening to our exercise music. If we can achieve that with our workout radio channels / streams or whatever we want to call them, then we feel as though we are doing our job. We promise to continue being the best workout radio station by bringing you the classics as well as the new workout music being released today. Nothing is going to get in our way. Nothing is ever going to stop the workout music from happening. We shall live on… we are going to live on… we are going to fight… or whatever the president said from Indepedence day. Such a great speech. He really deserved an oscar for that. Anyways… if you want to make any song requests… just let us know… we will be more than happy to work it into our workout music schedule. Until next time… we hope you enjoy the exercise music and workout music… we are going to continue bringing you the fitness workout music to your ears through our workout radio channels!

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