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Malibu Tri Cancelled!

This week we were saddened to find out that the Malibu Triathlon was cancelled which prior to that, the Santa Barbara Triathlon was cancelled… It’s craziness… I’m sure at some point in time they are going to start talking about cancelling Iron Man Triathlons and beyond. Spartan race has already talked about cancelling ALL of their races for 2020… So far this year has been the craziest thing a lot of has ever seen… BUT… you know what’s not cancelled… Swimming, Running, and Biking Baby! BOOM! So as we set out on our triathlon training… we are throwing together a special blend of workout music… something that is going to keep your fire lit to keep your motivation and body moving so you can and will be able to deserve the highest level or fitness you have ever imagined. We are going to supply you with the best workout music and workout radio EVER! It is our mission to seek and destroy, lay waste, Cntrl Alt Delete and end task the competition. I challenge you… I double dog dare you… to try to find better workout music. It’s not going to happen on Pandora… it’s not going to happen on Spotify… it’s not going to happen at any crossfit gym… It’s going to happen on your phone after you download the best workout radio app on the planet called Murph Workout Radio. Pretty amazing right? I’m totally writing this article from a place of passion… I’m not even thinking before the thoughts come out of my brain to my fingertips to the keys right now… just straight… Spartan, Trojan, motivation, wherever that grit comes from… Wherever you gain that momentum… it’s that magic spark… that special thing that cannot be stopped… it’s like when you hear that right workout music and there isn’t a thing that can stop you… There is no weight that cannot be lifted… there is no mile that cannot be run, there is no hill that can’t be biked or climbed… there is no ocean open water swimming that can’t be tamed… punch a shark in the face and declare yourself victorious each everyday!

Okay maybe you don’t want to go punching sharks in the face everyday… Maybe reserve that for ONLY the times the sharks are attacking you… But the point is… seize the day… you only have 7 of them a week to form habits out of… and your greatness is achieved by the habits that you do each day. Make them all amazing and great. Don’t let them get you down! You’re never down, you’re always up on the high side. Always happy and proficient in your way of life. Be generous, serve others, Be happy, get a good workout in and if you want to enjoy a good workout instead of hating it, try downloading our app. It’s seriously the best workout music on the planet. We kill the task of making a really good workout radio channel as well as every other workout task that’s given to us!

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