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Santa Barbara Triathlon

I know… you all look at us as this awesome workout radio company which produces the best workout music known to man…. BUT… this past weekend we also competed into the Santa Barbara Triathlon. Which was an awesome experience. We did it last year also. However my fitness level wasn’t even close to where it should be to be able to compete in something like that. I needed much more hill training on the bike and needed to put in many more miles that. My gosh it was rough. This year I got off the bike and felt like I was ready for a run… I loved the run. It was actually a lot of fun. Granted I did it barefoot in the sand which is rough… not my fastest time ever. But I love that feeling of killing it. My swim was fast enough to land 2nd place for the swim and that motivation was like… holy crap I can’t screw up the other parts of the race…. that motivation gave me that like OH MAN… I need to go figure out what is going on. Our Garmin workout watch literally told us that we needed 72 hours of rest after our bike ride… and we all laughed because we were gearing up at that moment to go for a 10 mile run that instant like… well that’s not going to happen… but now I’m a few days of recovery… and I’m ready to go again… My fitness level has improved which is great. I listened to Murph Workout Radio the entire time. It is the best workout music we’ve ever heard and that’s why we want to share it with the world. So many people are lost when it comes to exercise music.

Bradley Murphree

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