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Best Workout Radio

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

So it’s been roughly a week since we launched the new internet radio app Murph Workout Radio. The world has responded by confirming sort of what we already knew which is that we are the best workout music on the planet. Our early adopters knew it. We knew it. We have new workout music in production. We haven’t stopped adding new workout music to fuel your new workout music discovery! Our internet radio station app is dedicated to bringing you the best fitness results known to man! That is why our slogan is “Train in gear 6” Sometimes you just need that right music to take you from gear 3 or 4 sometimes gear 1… to get you into gear 6 and beyond. We are super happy and thankful for all our fans. We obviously couldn’t have done it without you. At this very moment we have 5000+ downloads from 61 different countries… which means the world has just loved our workout music and we are simply KILLING these markets and will continue to provide fitness motivation to the world. We hope that we can help get 1 million people off the couch and back into something regarding fitness. Accomplishing your goals and dreams takes a lot of effort… and you won’t get there unless you have the energy and the effort available at the ready. The only way to continue down that path is to workout. While working out… it would be awesome if you were motivated to do more through your fitness. Hence why we started the best workout music app the world has ever known. We are excited to see the changes in your mind body and spirit and see where this potentially takes the world.

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