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Best Workout Radio and Exercise Music

Well... What can I say, we were top ranked as the best workout music and exercise music on the planet by Noel Graham and his running team. We offer a little something for everyone. We have Rap Workout Music, Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, Pop Work out music, I love our good vibes workout music channel. Noel Graham and his running club from Portland Oregon have awarded us this title of best workout music playlist which is super awesome. Due to covid we weren't allowed to go up to grab the trophy for the contest but he mentioned that he could send it to us, which would be super awesome. We are just excited to be selected as the best workout radio and exercise radio station. We don't get too many awards for such things but every now and then we do. This covid thing has just been absolutely crazy too. We started Murph Workout Radio right at the beginning of 2020 not knowing that this was going to happen. We have been growing and I actually did the Monthly Report today and it's been pretty awesome. We have 11,000 listeners spread across multiple different countries. So we are moving forward... I would have never have guessed we would have 11,000 listeners at the end of year 1. Now we are going into Year 2 and we'll see if we can't get more than that. So we will see. But when we are running the best workout music and exercise music radio station in the world and we are getting awards for such things. Then that's a great thing. I mean just to be dubbed the best workout music channel and playlist in the world by people who really know what they are talking about is an awesome feeling. So we look forward to the future and gaining more money and time and fun honestly. We have a pretty awesome company we are going to be building in all of this. We will drive on with the best workout music and exercise music...

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