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Hello Fit Contest Weekly Winners!

THANK YOU for your patience while we bring our first ever, Murph Workout Radio Fit Model Contest to a close.

As a weekly winner yourself, we can safely say that the competition was fierce! So, without further ado...

After much deliberation, the Grand Prize was ultimately awarded to Miami-based fitness instructor, Leo Figueredo, of X-Core Miami.  Leo was a Week 1 category winner for “Most Intense” workout photo.  His InstaGram account, @xcore_mia, is a solid balance of Fitness, Community, and Motivation.  He will be featured prominently on the Murph Workout Radio website and will also be tasked with “taking over the controls of the radio station”.  Leo will have his own personal stream featured on Murph Workout Radio with his favorite workout playlist.  In addition, the Grand Prize winner will be making announcements throughout the broadcast that will be set on a repeat cycle throughout the month of November.

You can look for the new icon for "CLUB LEO" on the Apple version of the app as well as on

To download the app, please visit:


1- If you haven't already, please email me your best photo/s that you would like us to use on our website and Marketing.  As a Weekly Category Winner, we'd still love to feature your shot/s.

2- ATTENTION AMBASSADORS!  Our Lead Ambassador, Matthew Vasquez will be reaching out to you soon.  If you've chosen to be a MWR Ambassador, you can proudly claim that title on your personal social media page for at least one year, as long as you meet our ridiculously simple guidelines.  =)  

3. SWAG - We are in the process of updating our logo graphics and clothing vendor.  We promised swag to the Grand Prize winner but I convinced Murph to open his wallet and hook up our Weekly Category Winners too, if you really want a shirt as well.  So please let me know and please be patient.  Merch will be on the way shortly!  =)

4- MOST IMPORTANTLY.... Thank you for being AWESOME!!!  We had no idea what to expect when we launched this competition.  Picking weekly winners was tough.  And you made the cut.  Picking the Grand Prize winner was even tougher.  We'd love to give you all your own station some day.  So please stay positive, keep listening, and keep being amazing!

All the best, Noel Graham Murph Workout Radio

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