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Cycling Music

So as the best fitness music radio station in the world... we already have a dance workout music channel... and we already have a running workout music channel... But I feel like what we are missing is a really good cycling music workout category. The running channel has a lot of different types of workout music but I am thinking of splitting it off into a few different categories. So here is what I am thinking, We keep the original Dance Category which currently is like a really great Dance "Pop" workout music category but we don't have any like dance trance music... like some heavy hitting electronica which is honestly really great for cycling... There is also this other category for cycling that I've just been introduced to called Electro Swing and apparently it's really big in the cycling workout world or spin workout world. I think I'll have to tackle that one next... I'm also oddly interested in starting a comedy station... which I think could be a lot of fun. I have noticed that on a lot of running groups... it seems like a really interesting idea. But you tell me. Leave some comments in the comments field below and let me know what your thoughts are.

We always love hearing back from our listeners as to what their favorite things are about our channels or what are some of their not so favorite things about our channels. This is how we get better and continue providing the best workout music known to man. Not to mention that nobody can even compete with us when it comes to exercise music. The fitness music that we produce is the best and motivates people to the core, the soul straight down to the epidermal of their bone. It is supposed to lift you up and take you to new places. That's what it's designed to do and we are here to confirm that it does exactly that.

Confirm, verify, and conquer. For cycling, you want to be hitting a 90 RPM Or repititions per minute... so your right leg from the time it hits the bottom position on the petal and then does 1 full rotation back to the bottom again should be 90 times per minute. So finding music that is in the 90RPM category will help you become a more efficient cyclist. Getting you into that habit of finding the music that corresponds with efficient cycling will train your subconscious to keep your gears stacked in those proportions.

So you tell us what your favorite fitness music is and we will adhere to that thing. Let's do this!

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