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Eggs For Protein

So let's push pause on the best workout music in history for second... and put down your ipad, or iphone app. Let the workout playlist sort of run out... and let's cook some good healthy breakfast meals. Today we are talking about eggs.

Eggs are the most bio available form of protein which means it's the easiest for the body to consume. Eggs also contain a high amount of high quality protein, several different vitamins that support energy and support muscle growth, on top of all of that only come in at about 72 calories per egg, with with close to no carbohydrates, however does have healthy fat that helps give the heart energy AND increases muscle mass. Holy Crap... if you're looking to build muscle, build a larger cardio base, and get shredded while doing it. Eggs might just be the thing for you.

When we start talking about healthy breakfast, eggs are top of the list. They're easy to make, full of the above mentioned benefits and help in reducing heart disease. Some say that eggs prepared the same way every day get bland and boring pretty quick so we have a few tips to help you maximize your egg eating experience and potential.

Most people know that you can scramble them, you can boil them, you can mix the two concepts together, you can sunny side up them.... there's a few different options but what we typically love to do is boil them and throw some spices on there like cayenne pepper, sea salt, turmeric, black pepper, etc. Or if you want to go SUPER EASY and simple, you just need a little tobasco sauce... Tobasco sauce and eggs are like the perfect combination between silky smooth texture and just a little bit of healthy spice in your life. You could incorporate other spices however be very careful that those spices are adequately clean spices and don't contain any harmful chemicals to your body in them. We've done the research and can at least tell you that tobasco sauce is clean... there's nothing in there that is unhealthy and adds this amazing taste to them... but for some people, it's not their thing. So i guess we'll see.

Eggs, you should be eating them if you're not already.

Okay now you can get back to your workout playlist and the best workout music known to man which is without a doubt, Murph Workout Radio!

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