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Exercise Music Channels

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

So today… we got word from the apple development team that the app is ready officially ready for launch. We are about to drop 15 internet radio streams straight into your pocket! What could one do with the best workout music and internet radio station ever known to man? Well just about anything. The quotes keep you pushing through those hard times… they keep your mindset in a correct positive direction and allow for you to transform your body and soul all at the same time. Our workout music is designed for the busy individual who doesn’t have time to fit in his fitness and mental strength training in different sessions so we accomplish this all in a single sitting. Experts say that your mind is more absorbent to information 15 minutes right after you wake up. So our goal is to wake up, throw on some iPods, iPads, iPhones, Tablets, etc and GO! With a click of a button we are prepared to bring you the best workout music anyone has ever heard. It’s a transformative experience interjected with quotes to keep your motivationan and fitness moving!!! It will take you from gear 5 to 6,7 and gear 8 and beyond. We are super ecstatic about the new app release and ultimately about the destiny of the company and we hope that this music motivates you as much as it does us! We have really put a lot of hard work into making these free internet radio streams and paid apps for our audience. From licensing, to budgeting, to development, project management, design review meetings, etc. Currently we are sitting with this as our original line up.

Dance Workout Music

Good Vibes Workout Music

Pop Work Out Music

Latin Workout Music

Military Workout Music

Christian Rock Workout Music

Classic Rock Workout Music

Hard Rock Workout Music

Running Workout Music

Hip Hop Workout Music

Staff Favorites workout Music

Motown Workout Music

Alt Rock Workout Music

That’s the line up so far… but the proof is in the pudding. You really need to experience the best workout music to truly enjoy it. We look forward to climbing the charts and becoming the best workout music radio app!

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