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First iPhone App

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

So we released the first version of our iPhone App... literally version 1.0 with huge success! We very quickly grew to be in the top 20 apps on the app store within the first 24 hours. We gained more reviews by the hour, everyone has been loving the new app. Then we got the message from our friend Dawn... Her husband and a good friend of ours wanted to subscribe to the military channel and hear our unique content of mixing motivational speakers along with music. The problem was he is currently deployed and overseas. They have WiFi however it's more than likely through a satellite link with limited bandwidth and often the bandwidth speed could be limited by weather conditions etc. To make matters worse, that limited bandwidth is then divided by how many soldiers are all trying to use it at once. It can make it difficult to listen to the best workout music when it keeps cutting out. When Brad was made aware of the issue, that the soldiers couldn't listen in because there wasn't enough bandwidth, he felt called to do something higher than himself. He had to help out his battle buddy. So he went back to the drawing board, figured out he could reprogram one of the players on the app and package a recording of a specialized 30 minute radio show for the troops. He had to test out several different audio codecs to get the file size down small enough to have it fit through the limited bandwidth pipe. "We had received several different requests for an "off the grid" mode however mostly from people doing Ultra-running events through the desert. Apparently they want to be listening to the best workout music too. This required a slight change to our fitness radio app. So we have actually been in the middle of a second design release for the fitness app with this functionality in mind. It wasn't until Dawn told me that her husband couldn't listen overseas until I put my foot down and had to get it done. The pressure was on. I wanted to make sure that this was done in the next few hours, So I cancelled my Sunday plans, I was literally recording a radio a show and programming at the same time to get it out in the next few hours. The feeling of being committed to something higher than yourself sometimes increases the pressure to get things done." Murph Workout Radio is going to start making this effort a higher priority. With 36.5 hours of unique motivational content, advanced apple and google technology, and state of the art programming, they can deliver new workout music discovery to troops overseas. They will begin delivering 30 minutes of a new radio show everyday. We've had amazing success because our unique content is very motivating and all military leaders know that a motivated soldier is worth three times the effort (sometimes more) than a non-motivated soldier. We hope you all stay safe out there and enjoy some free workout / fitness music radio on us!

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