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Fitness Music Radio Station Gains 10% More Listeners

So today I'm writing to inform you that we had a record setting day on Jan. 10th. Our Fitness Music Radio Station gained a net new 1,580 new listeners the other day. This is just more evidence and proof that we are truly the best workout radio station known to man. We are killing multiple markets with world wide exposure. We are absolutely slaughtering the competition of Fit Radio, Pandora, Spotify and other workout playlist companies that think they know what good workout music is... but man... they always fall short. It takes someone who truly loves to workout and produce music to really get inside the minds of those people currently working out and trigger that extra gear into gear 5, 6, or sometimes 7 and 8. You need that extra layer of motivation to get in the right mindset in the morning. You need DJ's that are looking out for your workout music experience. Exercise Music is not something that just comes easily for people. It takes time and dedication and a lot of energy and effort to get up in the morning. Our Workout Radio station helps sculpt the mind, body and soul all at the same time. Our exercise music will be your guide to a better you and also a better guide to new fitness music discovery. Songs that push you past your envelope. We have nothing but the best rock workout music and hip hop workout music. We have strides above beyond for people who like to cycle. I have wanted to create a good cycling channel for some time. We have so much more fitness music and workout music coming towards you. You don't even know. Right now we are still in start up phase 3... but it's coming along nicely. We are actually about to cross the road into 13,000 listeners world wide, which is great! It should be amazing. I hope you all enjoy it. Other things we have planned coming up are Workout Music Events. We would love to put on a triathlon at Santa Monica beach and or Venice Beach CA. Or a reverse triathlon. We haven't decided yet. The Pasadena Reverse Triathlon is coming up soon so we plan on competing for that. We need to get the music and the people moving. We need to produce more. We need to strive to be the best Fitness Music and Workout Music company we can be! Murph Workout Radio is a very small niche company located in Hills of Hollywood CA where we produce some of the very best fitness music and exercise music known to man. Hands down no one even comes close. What we need to do is start hosting events... Get the fitness music out to the people. When you experience Murph Workout Radio in your headphones on your iphone or android... That's one thing.. but when you experience in a large group on a big loudspeaker... that's a whole other animal and environment. We need to take some time and invest in a loudspeaker so we can BLAST some of the best fitness music the people have been asking for. What's next for Murph Workout Radio? Who knows... we have so many ideas during our meetings that it's hard to prioritize them and project manage all of them. Which ones are going to make the most money and which ones are going to stay true to the brand and deliver the best Fitness Music and Workout Music and or exercise music known to man? Who Knows. I don't think that anybody truly knows... I think it's a combination of a bunch of different things. So until then I guess we will just have to find out. Maybe someone soon will be able to search for us on Google and we will just get downloads just from that experience. I still can't believe we got 1,580 people to download our app in a single day... that's so awesome and our listenership has only gone up with that as well. So that's an amazing thing.

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