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Fitness Radio

Fitness Radio is such a generic term these days it's similar to Best Workout Music or Exercise Music. So what makes Murph Workout Radio the best fitness radio known to man? Well honestly no one has gone and has unique content streaming for the motivation! Motivational quotes are what separates the men from the boys. The best workout music and exercise music needs to have and take your soul to the next level. Like a formula 1 driver you need to keep pushing into the higher speed and there are a few competitors but there can only be one highlander and that is the only fitness radio station that gives you that extra little something... They all want payback but honestly it's not even a close race. Even in Surrey England on one of the most complicated courses. Fitness Radio is a tough market to really get into but Murph Workout Radio is the best workout music and exercise music on the planet. It doesn't matter if you have better technology, etc. it's about heart. You have to show up every day and look down the road and see all the champions and even with thousands of employees with the passion to win, it doesn't matter... We need to move making the difference. The best fitness radio and workout music known to man... there's only one way to go. We have only 1 month to go. As the joker would say, Why So Serious? Well... the answer is that the stakes have never been higher for the best fitness radio app. If we don't get it right this year, then we will do it again next year... and the year after that... and the year after that... I mean we have 11 thousand downloads which is more than we could have ever expected. That's SUPER awesome and we have the highest rating on the apple app store. We have 5 stars... not one person has not given us 5 stars.... which means we are simply the best fitness radio, workout music and exercise music. You got to push the limits to the maximum. We plan on pushing the motivation and music to the maximum. We try to push the team back to the top positions. We are out on a good pace... especially when we just saw the competition crash by losing their tire and fall off the wall. But like I said there can only be 1 highlander to win and be the best fitness radio and workout radio known to man.

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