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Garmin Enduro 2021

So as the fitness music radio company that actually cares about you... we feel it is our duty to tell you that Garmin has released the Garmin Enduro 2021 today... and IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! Here's the stats...

  • VO2 Max: Track cardiovascular fitness levels with the new trail run VO2 max, which automatically adjusts based on trail conditions. A user’s VO2 Max is also adjusted by the environment through heat and altitude acclimation.

  • ClimbProTM: Get real-time information on the current and upcoming climbs including gradient, distance and elevation gain by using the ascent planner. For additional safety and awareness, ClimbPro trail enhancements provide information for descents and flats.

  • Rest Timer: Select the Ultrarun activity which features a rest timer to log the time spent at aid stations.

  • Mountain Biking: Track the details of every MTB ride with mountain biking metrics plus specialized grit and flow measurements that rate trail difficulty and track the time of descent, giving a score to beat on the next ride.

  • Recovery: Giving the body time to recover between sessions is crucial. After each workout, the built-in recovery advisor will recommend how long to rest before another big effort and the next workout based on sleep and wellness data.

  • Recommended Workouts: For training guidance that takes fitness level into account, get daily run and ride suggestions based on current training load and training status.

So if you want to take your training to the next level and want to listen to the Best Workout Radio station and get all of your workout stats. The suggested retail price is $899.00 which sounds like a lot however we are super pleased to tell you that even when we bought the cheaper Garmin Forerunner 245 because we were unsure if this thing was going to change our lives. I am please to announce that the only regret I have is not buying the more expensive model. Honestly I could use a lot more battery life in my current life... when I am going to a max calories burn weekend while I listen to the best workout music and exercise music radio channel, I want a TON of battery life... I want to be able to make through a three day long weekend without having to take the thing off and charge it... I can't tell you how many times I have taken if off to charge and forgot to put it back on again and left the house to go leave for a workout and then while driving turned around and had to go back to get it... It's horrible. I was SO pissed. If you don't post it or have any record of it... did it really ever even happen at all?? Who knows. Anyways, I'll let you get back to your workout while you listen to our fitness music radio channel.

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