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German Volume Training

I know, you all think of us as the best workout music playlist company... But... let's step back from that for a brief second and talk about some GERMAN VOLUME TRAINING

Or GVT as it's called in the fitness world. Basically GVT is a concept for body builders but it doesn't always have to apply to body builders... it can also apply to runners, cyclists and enthusiasts alike. So let me explain a little bit.

German Volume Training - The method behind this is to find what muscle you want to become stronger, bigger, sexier, or whatever else you may need... then find an exercise that works that particular muscle. If you need help finding exercises, Youtube, instagram, and tictok have been great for people who give really good advice... or if you want to go a more traditional route, the book called "The Workout Bible" is a really great book to utilize and he goes through the movements and the exercises you need to workout every muscle in the human body. So you find the exercise to produce the result that you want... then you find a weight (barbell, dumbell, ankle weights, kettlebell etc.) and select one that has enough weight behind it to make you fail at rep #10. Then we are going to do 10 reps per set by 10 sets. Then if you drink enough protein, (roughly 1 gram per 1 lbs of body weight per day.... So 170 lbs person should be getting in 170 grams of protein) Taking 5g of creatine to increase muscle enzymes, and then getting in some potassium (4700mg) along with some vitamin A,B,C, and D... you will become much stronger... REALLY FAST.

  1. Body building - So obviously this helps body building in a really great way. It makes muscles bigger, more pronounced and likewise is awesome... after doing this for a little while even some body builders increase their set range from 10 to 15 sets, 20 sets... we've even seen people do 25 sets... but slow down there young grass hopper... let's try to just do the initial 10 to start.

  2. Running - Most runners ignore weight training and really shouldn't... strengthening your leg muscles is SO important... back squats will strengthen your quads, hamstrings, butt and even engages your ankles, calves, feet, and lower back a little bit. This over all effect can help in several areas. Strengthening your legs and butt / glutes helps prevent runners knee. Runners knee is strain in the ligaments where inflammation builds up around the knee. If you have stronger glutes this helps keep your alignment and takes pressure off the supporting ligaments around the knee.

  3. Cycling - Oh gosh... cyclists hate when I bring up the fact that if you want to get faster you should do leg day. However, It's also VERY true. The main equation in trying to figure out your speed is your power divided by your weight. Or Watts per Kilo. I know they use the Kilogram because so much of the world is on the metric system from Europe to Brazil to every freaking where. So that's how it's calculated... the one thing that really helps increase the power is stronger legs... Doing leg day is also a really great fat burner because it's your largest muscle group. So it's building stronger legs... on the largest muscle group that requires your heart to pump harder, that gives you more power and also makes you lose weight. It's increasing power and decreasing weight all in one thing... it's really the key to getting faster on the bike... The other key is to practice practice practice... you want to build up a good aerobic base with your cycling. Once you combine those two elements, you're unstoppable... but leg day... leg day... leg day... I can't stress it enough.. you'll pass all your friends who spent thousands of dollars on aero this or aero that by spending a dollar per day to go to a gym (roughly $30 a month for LA Fitness or 24 hour fitness or anytime fitness, or what's another gym? I don't know... oh planet fitness...)

  4. Abs - This also works on abs very well. Volume training will make those ab muscles pop out of the shirt and all the ladies and some guys will be turning their heads...

Okay I think that's it for today... Now you can go back to listening to the best workout radio station known to man. Murph Workout Radio.

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