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Glycemic Load / Index and how it affects weight gain

I know… and understand… most people think of us as the best free workout music and fitness motivation channel BUT… We do genuinely care about our listeners manifesting all of their greatness. We do care about their fitness motivation as well also!

Here’s the deal… we get a lot and I MEAN A LOT of inquiries about how to get that six pack of abs. So this article is dedicated to that effort.

So first… let’s talk about diet. You need to square your diet away first…. abs are squared away in the kitchen. In a nut shell… try to stay away from foods with a high glycemic index and high glycemic load… Here is a quick way to get around having to worry about any of what that means…

1. Eggs cooked in Grapeseed oil with spinach for breakfast

2. Spinach Chicken Salad for lunch - Spinach, Chicken, dried cranberries, walnuts, grapes, onion - All organic ingredients

3. Organic Beef or Brown rice and chicken with broccoli for dinner - Once again all organic ingredients

Also try to get in 1 gram of protein for 1 lbs or body weight per day. If you weight 150 lbs try to get in 150 grams of protein. You’ll probably need to supplement this meal plan with some protein powder to hit that. Try to get in some sort of food every two hours to keep your metabolism burning up.

OKAY SO now that we got that out of the way.

The best exercise to get abs is obviously working out core. So here are the best workouts to get that delicious six pack everyone is striving for.

Set up an interval timer

1. Beginner - 30 seconds work interval - 15 seconds of rest

2. Intermediate - 45 seconds work interval - 15 seconds of rest

3. Expert - 1 minute work interval - 15 seconds of rest

4. To infinity and beyond - 1 minute work interval - no rest

5. OUT OF THIS WORLD - Anything longer than one minute with no rest


1. Sit up with weight - Grab a dumbell or slam ball and sit up with weight.

2. Ab Wheel - These can be purchased for relatively cheap ($30) on amazon. These are proven to be great.

3. Vertical Leg Crunch - WITH WEIGHT! So it’s like a crunch except you lay on your back and put your legs up pointed towards the sky and then grab a dumbbell and get up crunch

4. BOSU Ball Sit ups - Once again, you can get a BOSU Ball for relatively cheap off of amazon. Sit on the BOSU Ball with weight and roll back so your belly button points towards the sky and then do a sit up.

5. AB Straps - Once again, SUPER cheap on AMAZON. but if you buy AB Straps doing knee ups… put your arms through the AB Straps and bring your knees up to a 90 degree angle. Buy leg weights to make this harder when your ready.

6. Bicycle Crunch -

7. Flutter Kick Bicycles - It’s like a flutter kick… except the top half does bicycles bringing the opposite knee to the opposite elbow.

8. Russian Twists

9. Side Plank Pulses L/R

10. Mountain Climbers

11. Modified Mountain Climbers

12. Leg Raises

13. Plank - If this becomes too easier… try spreading your feet shoulder apart and scoot back slightly so your eyes are in alignment with your elbows.

14. Single Leg Crunches L/R - So put one leg 6 inches up off the ground, one leg bent and then do crunches…

15. Diamond Reverse Sit up - Put the flat part of your feet together to make a diamond, then without changing shape on the diamond…

REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN UP TO 4. After four… go get some protein.

So there’s just a couple of ideas on how to get your abs back into shape. Hopefully one day soon we will post up some workout videos so we can all workout together!

Until then, We promise we will continue being the best workout and motivation music on the planet. We will continue to inspire, improve, motivate and create the best workout music and best workout radio channel for all of our listeners!

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