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Healthy Gummy Bears!

I Did it! I made healthy gummies. I know your expecting us to be compete against people like fit radio, pandora or spotify with our amazing workout playlists however today... I'm here to tell you that we have mastered the ground breaking recipe for healthy gummy bears. HECK YES! It had come.

1 Cup of fruit juice (dependent on flavors)

3 TBSP of All Organic Gelatin

1 TBSP of Honey

Wait is it TBSP or TBSN ? No idea, but it doesn't matter. All that you need to know is that this is a healthy gummy that allows you to train and have GREAT carbohydrates while you train and burn fat. This is an awesome energy booster... you know what else is an awesome energy booster? The best workout music known to man. That's right Murph Workout Radio or fit radio s direct competition. I mean pandora and spotify are also good and they have workout playlists but honestly the best thing you could possibly do, is come over to Murph Workout Radio and get a hardened, tested and approved awesome fitness radio experience. Motivation is SO important in the workout radio game because it allows you to push a little harder, bring a little more intensity, and likewise burn a little bit more fat. So go down load our workout radio app and enjoy all the fitness music you need to for free. We have been noticing that if we give away Murph Workout Radio for free that we have a lot more people download the product. The problem is that we have to make money somehow eventually so we are going to have to transition into selling workout videos or something. Or maybe a subscription service with zero ads or something. We don't want to put ads in but eventually we will have to if we are giving away all this amazing fitness music for free. The best workout music takes time to create and develop the right workout playlist. I wonder what music people like to listen to that really motivates them sometimes.

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