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Healthy Ice Cream...

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I know… I know… We’re a workout music internet radio channel… BUT… part of fitness is ALSO eating right. If we are doing this whole “workout” thing correctly, then we need the necessary fuel to help us rebuild us. In one of my previous fitness weight loss posts, I had mentioned you can make anything healthy by removing the bad ingredients and just switching to something healthy… and honestly… if the chef or the cook is GOOD… you either won’t know the difference or it will blow your mind. So my challenge from a good friend was to take me up on that offer… and I never back down from a challenge. Here’s how we did it.

2.5 Cups of base (raw unpasterized milk, almond milk or cashew milk, just make it a healthy milk)

4 eggs (preferably organic cage free

3 tbs of vanilla extract

6 stevia packets or 3 tbs of powder

2 scoops of vanilla protein (I prefer the herbalife Vanilla protein drink mix, but feel free to use others)

So now put all that into a blender. Blend on high… and this creates your ice cream liquid. The next thing we need to do is put the ice cream liquid into an ice cream maker. I use the Cuisinart Geleteria. Here’s a link… it does a REALLY good job but there are also others. I got mine from Sur La Table.

So that’s the recipe for vanilla… but once you have vanilla down… you basically can add whatever flavor you want to it. This becomes the base. For example, if you want to pistacio ice cream,

Add 1.25 cups of pistatios

Or if you want chocolate or strawberry ice cream or whatever… you get to go wild and play around. If you’re going to do chocolate, you may want to take out the vanilla extract. Everybody wants something a little different after a good workout listening to Murph Workout Radio.

And that’s it… Here is the breakdown of why this is healthy.

1. Raw unpasturized milk is actually super healthy for you. Dairy usually gets bad name in the fitness and workout world because of the pasturization process. Yes Pasteurized milk is horrible for you. The heat during the pasteurized process destroys all the vitamins, protein, and nutrients leaving you basically nothing of any value to your body with potential harm as milk manufacturers inserting chemicals and sugar into their milk to make them last longer on shelves. The other option is a healthy almond / cashew / other type of milk. Avoid soy milk. Soy milk actually mistakes you gain weight. Whole different topic.

2. Eggs - This is the most bio-available source of protein that we have. This is why body builders are always drinking raw eggs or making things with egg whites because it BUILDS MUSCLE.

3. Vanilla - 8 main health benefits of Vanilla

1. Good for your heart health

2. Rich in Antioxidants - this is good for rebuilding

3. Reduces acne / Great for your skin

4. Aids in weight loss

5. Promotes healthy digestion

6. Helps cure you of respiratory infections

7. Works as an aphrodisiac, if you don’t know what that is, it helps with sleep… which helps you build more muscle. ;)


4. Stevia - Stevia comes from a stevia leaf. It is an all natural organic sweetener that is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar AND you can consume as much of it as you’d like without it affecting blood glucose levels which is what makes you fat.

5. Protein powder - This just helps you hit your protein macro each day.

Hopefully this helps you hit your workout and fitness goals.


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