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Healthy Muscle Building Dinner

So know a lot of people think of us as the best workout music and fit radio station available... however we do genuinely care about our listeners and honestly it's easy and simple to say that but it's true. One thing that we love to do is eat a big dinner... not too late because anything after 8 turns to weight... which is sort of true... if you find a good protein smoothie and do a hard workout before bed and then drink a protein smoothie that is full of antioxidants, protein and broccoli that is the best. Fruit, veggies and protein... but you can also carb load... and when we carb load... we really carb load... So what does that entail. We love making healthy pasta... which is totally possible and you'll only find it here on the best workout music and fit radio station known to man. SO here it is...

  1. Brown Rice or Quinoa pasta noodles - try to stick to something that has a low glycemeic index.

  2. Organic Pasta Sauce - Tomatoes etc... So GOOD

  3. Grass Fed Beef

That's it really and all that I was really hoping for. Hopefully that helps you decide the next time you are trying to spice up dinner a little bit. A good conversion is also to do Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Cumin and Garlic... mmm mmmm mmmm GOOD!

Until next time we are just going to remain the best Fitness Music known to man. We promise to deliver on being the number one workout music and exercise music that anyone has ever seen and or heard. Well I guess you can't really see the music... or maybe you can depending on what types of hard drugs you're on but we don't recommend it. We recommend living a healthy organic lifestyle of good fitness music by listening to our custom tuned especially for you fit radio station.

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