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High Jumping Knee Kicks

I know a lot of you think of us as the best workout music in history. We do produce the best workout music in history to help people perform at their very best to help their fitness motivation and workout radio habbits. However, sometimes we like to take a step back and think about what really makes us the best workout music channel.... well I mean we do tend to enjoy High Jumping Kneed Kicks... They score a lot of points high up on the scale because it works your legs, your abs, and everything in between like your butt. So if you want to take your next workout to the Murph Workout Radio Level... you should try jumping high knee kicks. This will help with your fitness motivation problem. If you listen to the best workout music while doing it. That will only help facilitate that we are the best exercise music known to man. I mean is there anything that even compares? No one else's service even comes close to what we are doing. We have more unique content than anyone else... we have way more fun than anyone else and that's what makes us the best workout music and exercise music known to man.

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