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How to become super human...

I know… we’ve had this conversation before… we are a free workout music radio station with an app… BUT we continue to blog because we genuinely care about your fitness and workout goals. We can’t just be about the workout music. At some point if we genuinely care about your fitness and workout goals, we have to talk about what it takes to reach said fitness goals. So this article is about people who are trying to become super human. The sad reality is that we don’t eat too much, we simply don’t have the right nutrients going into our bodies.

Here are a list of the worlds TOP super foods to help fuel your super human workout routine.

1. Water - Drink it everyday! It’s literally that simple.

2. Cultured Dairy - Kefir, Amasai, etc.

3. Kale - This is the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

4. Berries (Rasperries, Blueberries, Indian Gooseberry)

5. Chia and Flax Seeds - Chia seeds are like little energy balls.

6. Broccoli - This has all the right nutrients to support muscle growth.

7. Wild Salmon - This is a SUPER densely packed protein.

8. African Mango - This will help lose weight QUICK! It kills that little baby fat

9. Pastured eggs - This is the most bio-available source of protein. Your body digests this the most.

10. Algae (brown, green, blue-green)

11. Raw Green Fed Cheese (great for making pizza) - Raw cheese is the thing dreams are made of.

12. Avacado - Healthy Fats plus nutrients…

13. Cinnamon - This increases your glucose metabolism by roughly 20 times. This greatly helps regulate blood sugar which in turn helps you lose weight.

14. Coconut - Coconut water or coconut oil… both amazing for you. Powerful fat burner.

15. Green-fed beef / Grass fed

16. Garlic - This has the power to kill dangerous parasites, cancer cells, bacteria etc. Also helps ward off colds, flu’s, etc.

17. Turmeric (I’ll add black pepper to this line too… want to consume both spices at the same time for max digestion efficiency)

18. Fermented Whey

19. Cocoa - Small square of dark chocolate (cocoa level above 70%) Is actually one of the most healthiest things for you.

20. Almonds - Full of a high quality protein and healthy fats for your body. In small doses can help you lose weight… 1 cup… or in how I like to measure things, two hand grabs full.

21. Cayenne pepper - Helps regulate blood sugar levels, lose weight, fight disease,

22. Spinach - This food is packed with nutrients and has a glycemic index and glycemic load of 0 for both… Which means… it feeds your fat cells absolutely nothing… which then forces your body to turn to your fat cells for energy which then burns a bunch of fat… Spinach also helps in making you feel full and releasing more energy.

That’s it for now… I’ll update the list again as I run into more foods and more tips and tricks. However until then… have fun using these ingredients creatively to help shape a diet that will turn you into a super human. Our goal is to help you increase your fitness and workout levels through any means necessary… whether that’s free internet radio, free workout music, or any other way we can help you exercise… eat right… and ultimately give you the energy to manifest your greatness… because a better world we would all live in if everyone manifested their greatness… and that my friends, is why we genuinely care about your workout music and fitness journey.

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