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How to use our Best Workout Music App

So we created the best workout music app for free. The fitness music that this thing puts out is unbelievable! We just added a new channel called hip hop rock and honestly, I'm super addicted. I have been toying around with the idea slightly because some of those hip hop songs just hit you in a certain way while you're working out. It's so tough to really put a number on it. I wanted people to tune in and be like OH MY GAWD... this is energizing me through the workout process. I'll admit, even I have hit walls and had to overcome them. HOWEVER... those walls can be broken down with the right fitness music and as we know from the movies, there can only be one highlander. So we are on our way to having multiple downloads and tons of people listening to our music station so we need to tighten up some of these workout playlists. We may even have to hire some people that know what they're doing to workout to these and really know what they're doing. To see what's going on. Maybe just maybe.... we will see a spike in downloads hopefully from our search engine optimization going up from writing blogs like this one. It's very tough to get up into the main pages of google and other things. I wish there was a service where we could pay to do a press release or a review prior to beginning. I think the next step is to turn my garage into a shooting canvas and shoot workout videos in there. It would be so much fun. Maybe we can make good workout videos and then release them on the app. I think we would have to tie them in with Youtube or something similar or maybe push them with a brand new update. I'll have to take a look and look into the development of those types of apps that have that type of functionality. It seems like so many people in society are looking for apps to change the way they thing and want to express themselves but the apps themselves are just programming. It is an interesting world we live in where a singular device can have so much information. We just want to deliver hard hitting and profound fitness music to all of you. Hopefully we have achieved that in our creation of the best workout music and exercise music / workout radio app known to man. I haven't seen anything on the market like what we have and give away for free... which is the crazy part. A lot of companies spend a lot of money marketing to people who end up paying for apps and that sucks. We love trying to give our app away for free which is awesome but eventually we will have to start selling advertising.

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