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KB 100 Workout

So on top of providing the best workout music on the planet full of motivation to help you on your fitness journey… we are also here to help you with workouts. So a lot of questions have come up about what WOD’s can you do at home to help out with your fitness levels… so here is a new challenge for you… We call it… the 100’s WOD

So step 1. Buy a 100 lbs kettle bell… (or whatever size you feel comfortable doing… but we thought 100lbs was nice because it fits in well with the 100’s workout)


1. Kettle bell bench press X 25 reps

2. Kettle bell swings X 25 reps

3. Extended Range (standing on tire or cinder blocks) Kettlebell deadlift X 25 reps

REPEAT THIS 4 TIMES… for a 100 reps total on your workout.

With the 100 lbs kettle bell it SMOKED us… So crank on some Murph Workout Radio… listen to your favorite workout playlist, Workout Radio, or Workout Music or however you want to define our fitness motivation music… or is it Motivational Music? I have no idea… People like to call it all sorts of different things… similar to the workout Cherry Pickers / Russian Twists / grabby goos… WHATEVER… just make sure you’re killing your workout with some great music… then killing all the other tasks in your day.

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