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Minute Milestones for Working Out

I know you all think of us as the best workout music known to man kind... however we are more than just the fitness music mix masters. We care about you and your fitness and health.

Right now we're going to cover a super important topic and that is the amount of exercise that you're getting in and how it affects your health.

5-10 minutes equates of running each day has the potential to reduce your chances of heart attack and stroke by up to 45% while also lowering your risk of dying of cardiovascular disease and 30% lower your risk of dying of other heart causes.

20 Minutes - Alter your DNA - A single 20 minute aerobic exercise workout equal to a jog... so having your heart rate in the 130-145 range which is about a light jog can alter your DNA for the better. Going for a short jog can lead to increased fitness and prevention of diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

30 Minutes - Weight Loss and Physical Fitness - For most people this will equate to roughly 300 calories. Completing 30 minutes at an intensity high enough to start sweating will help people lose about 2 lbs a week. If you're over 65 and older, doing this three times a week see much less physical decline than their peers who walk to get exercise.

60 Minutes - If you keep up your 60 minutes of running everyday you begin to see a metabolic boost. Keep burning calories long after you've taken your last step for the day. Post workout metabolic rate increases five fold vs the people who only decided to do 30 minutes.

So crank up the fitness music. BLAST the tunes... go out and be happy, healthy, and full of muscles. Enjoy the best workout mixes known to man with Murph Workout Radio.

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