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Murph Workout Radio Calorie Challenge

So here is what we are thinking for our next workout music challenge.

A 7 day rolling challenge. So essentially you can start on any day of the week that you want to. I personally started on Monday just to keep it simple... but then in 7 days... burn as many calories as you can. We are talking about Active and resting calories.

If you have a Garmin watch... if you click on the home or more button (depending on whether you have Android or iPhone) --> then click on "Health Stats" --> Then click on "Calories" , it gives you a nice little summary of the past 7 days. So the goal is to log into that under the "totals" section where it says "TOTAL" for that number to = (as high of a number as you can)

Assuming that you have baseline of about 15,000 calories of just resting for 7 days.

On Average

715 active calories a day = Bronze T-Shirt (20,000 Calories burned in 7 days)

1,428.5 active Calories a day = Silver T-Shirt (25,000 Calories burned in 7 days)

2,142 active Calories a day = Gold T-Shirt (2,142 Calories burned in 7 days)

Running, Swimming, Biking, Rock Climbing, Surfing, Weight Lifting, whatever...

My goal to see how many calories I can burn is simple. I am going to burn an active 2,000 calories a day while I also have 2000 resting calories per day. So I would be averaging 4,000 calories per day throughout the week for Monday through So for those 5 days I am going to have 20,000 calories on the books... then on the weekend I just have to average 5,000 calories a day for 2 days to get me to 30,000 calories for the week.

Then we are also going to offer another T-Shirt for purchase... Murph Workout Radio's very own, "I beat the CEO" at how ever many calories that is.

So if you guys want to come and compete against me... both personally and professionally you better bring your "A" game. I'm doing it this week while I listen to the Best Workout Music known to man.... so I'm going to be going above and beyond with everything I have. So we soon shall see who the champion is. If you're not currently listening to the best exercise music and listening to something like fit radio or some other garbage you found on a Pandora workout playlist, you might want to make the jump over to Murph Workout Radio App. It's WAY better and will continue to be better than everyone else because we have unique content and quotes that motivate you through your workouts. Nobody else can even compare when it comes to fitness music.

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