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Murph Workout Radio is the best workout music

Murph workout radio is the best workout music

Music has always been an important element in exercise routines, and there’s no denying that the right tunes can make working out more enjoyable. With the right soundtrack, an individual can distract themselves from the exhaustion and physical pain associated with exercise and connect more deeply with their body and movements. This is why Murph Workout Radio has emerged as one of the best sources of workout music.

Murph Workout Radio is a streaming service featuring hardcore electronic beats, based on the preparation and workout guidelines of CrossFit athlete and fitness influencer “Murph” AKA Michael Murphy. Murph’s mix of fast-paced techno, hardstyle, and drum and bass beats offer a relentless energy that’s perfect for getting ready for a tough workout. The curated tracks draw from over 70 labels, including big names like Warp, Ninja Tune, and OWSLA.

Murph Workout Radio offers dozens of music mixes, ranging from the uptempo, high-energy of the “Murph Powerhouse” to the more chilled out “Low and Slow” mixes. Each mix is designed to coincide with a particular type of workout, and all songs have been rigorously tested by Murph's own team to ensure they induce great workouts. One of the key benefits of the workout mixes offered by Murph Workout Radio is that they can help set a consistent rhythm and pacing throughout the exercise routine. Whether it’s cycling, running, bodybuilding, or CrossFit, Murph Workout Radio will provide the right soundtrack.

So if you’re looking for an invigorating and energizing soundtrack for your next workout, skip the Top 40 and choose Murph Workout Radio. With its curated selection of fast-paced techno, hardstyle, and drum and bass beats, it’s perfect for powering through a grueling workout and pushing your body to its limits.

Did we seriously just write an entire blog about how we are the best workout music playlist? Like Really? well if you need something new, then this is the place to go.

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