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Muscle Building Food Marcros

From the best workout music radio station... we wanted to help you and show you that we are the best fitness music and exercise music station and so we're not actually going to talk about music at all. So today I wanted to break down the project management elements of why some people fail their goals. The bottom line is their failure to project manage their projects. Which sort of dictates why isn't project management taught in schools? We think it absolutely should be. Being able to come up with an accurate and executable plan is a skill set that takes practice and thought process. Practice makes perfect. I until this day have failed at becoming a body builder and build muscle... So i am going to try to fix those mistakes and take a look back.

While looking at my plan, I just wasn't eating enough. So how do we plan to eat enough to keep the process moving forward?

So here is the formula. So take your weight in lbs... and then convert some simple numbers to grams.

So for this example we are going to convert 100 lbs person for ease of numbers use...

The macros a 100lbs person should be hitting is

100lbs = 1 - 1.5x grams of protein = 100g through 150 grams of protein daily

100lbs = 1.5x grams of carbohydrates = 150 grams of carbohydrates daily

100lbs = 0.5 grams of fats = 50 grams of fats daily

So now let's convert it to my actual weight which is 165.

165lbs X 1.5g of protein daily = 247.5 grams daily

165lbs X 1.5g of carbohydrates daily = 247.5 grams daily

165lbs X 0.5g of fat daily = 66 grams daily

So that's essentially how to calculate your macros to make the most of building as much muscle as possible. There are other tricks like switching up the workout and muscle groups throughout the week.... like 1 rep max weight, to 8 rep max weight, to light weight and isometric holds - all are important but also is switching it up.... believe it or not I find better results with isometric holds... light weights holding that weight up for a minute takes a lot of effort and rips the muscle up... you'll start shaking and growing and BURNING... during those workouts... and then likewise the results will come next.

Okay but what does this mean for how much do I need to eat today to maintain a body builders muscle and look... well it's a lot but that doesn't mean that I'm not up to the challenge.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<Here's the totals / Shopping list>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1 X Orgain ENERGY Pre Workout

1 X Now Sports Aminos Blast

3 X Apples

2 X Avacados

1 X Grapefruit

3 cups X Blueberries

1 Cup X Brown Rice

2 X Raw Protein with Greens smoothie

1 X lbs of chicken

4 cups X Pineapple

3 X Orgain Sport Chocolate Protein

1 X Orgain Lemonade Post Workout Recovery

<<<<<<<<<<<<< DAILY PLAN BREAK UP BELOW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(This is where your ALARM GOES OFF and you wake up)

Pre-Workout Drink

1 X Orgain ENERGY Pre Workout

1 X Now Sports Aminos Blast


Post-Workout Breakfast

1 X Apple With Cinnamon

1 X Avacado

1 X Orgain Chocolate Protein with Post workout lemonade / L-Glutemine / Amino Acids

1 X Cup of Pineapple

1 X Grapefruit

10AM Snack

1 X Raw Protein and Greens Protein Smoothie

1 cup of Blueberries

1 cup of pineapple


1 cup X Brown Rice

1 LBS of Chicken (With spices and Broccoli)

1 X Apple (With cinnamon)

3PM Snack

1 Cup of Blueberries

1 X Raw Protein with Greens Smoothie

6PM Dinner

1 X Apple (with cinnamon)

1 X Orgain Sport Chocolate Protein

1 X Cup of Pineapple

1 Cup of Blueberries

1 X Avacado

8PM Evening Protein

1 X Cup of Pineapple

1 X Orgain Sport Chocolate Protein Smoothie

(This is where you go to sleep)

If you don't believe in putting anything but gasoline in your gas tank in your car... you should also focus on putting the right fuel in your body... you can always buy a new car... you can't buy a new body... and arguably medical bills are always going to be WAY more expensive than a new car. From the best fitness music on the planet, we legitimately care about our listeners and want you to know the truth so here we are for free telling you exactly what you need to know to get the body you see on the movie screens... if you want to be turning heads at the beach, you need to be ingesting the right fuel into your amazing vehicle. This is the only vehicle we have to take us through life. We should take good care of it. Alright with that being said, I'm going to go back to running the best workout music and exercise music radio station known to man... hopefully this helps you realize what thing you need to change and figure out exactly what you need to do to manifest all the greatness that you require.

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