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Music Plus Inserted Quotes

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Well as of this morning I am proud to announce that the new workout music app for Murph Workout Radio is COMPLETE! We have inserted quotes, we’ve created live radio channels. The best new workout music ever to help you achieve all of your fitness goals no matter what they may be, is going to be available as soon as apple’s app development team reviews it! I’m sure you are all excited as we are and we are super happy that we’ve gained the following that we have. It’s been an incredible journey and I have loved every minute of it. I am very blessed in that I get to share a new workout music app with you that. It has Dance Workout Music, Good Vibes Workout Music, Pop Workout Music, Latin Workout Music, Military Workout Music, Christian Rock Workout Music, Classic Rock Workout Music, Hard Rock Workout Music, Country Workout Music, Running Workout Music, Hip Hop Workout Music, Motown Workout Music, Alt Rock Workout Music, and we even have more channels planned and podcasts to workout too coming soon. Everything is simply exploding and we are super excited to be able to help people with their fitness goals with our internet radio station. It’s going to be an amazing adventure and fitness journey for all of us. If you have any song requests or want to just email to say hi, we are always available. Until then you can count on us delivering the best free workout music ever made by the hands of man.

More to come later!

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