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Music while exercising

Music helps exercising, Granted I know you think of us as the best workout music playlist known to man... but let's peel that apple back a little bit for a second and talk about WHY music is so important while working out.


We have all heard the expression “Music is food for the soul”. But did you know that it can also be food for health? Studies have shown that listening to music while exercising can provide several health benefits. Music helps exercise by providing motivation, improving performance, and reducing perceived exertion.


According to research, music helps exercise in three primary ways. The first is that it serves as a motivational tool. Studies have shown that listening to music can make exercise more enjoyable and reduce perceived exertion. Music also helps to increase motivation by making exercise a more enjoyable experience. This can help individuals stick with their exercise routine for longer.

The second way in which music helps exercise is by improving performance. Studies have shown that listening to music can improve motor control and coordination. The rhythm of the music can help provide a sense of timing and coordination which can in turn help improve an individual’s exercise performance.

Finally, music helps exercise by reducing perceived exertion. This is especially true when an individual is listening to music that is both energizing and motivating. Music can help to reduce the perceived difficulty of an exercise routine, helping individuals push their bodies further and for longer.


In conclusion, it is clear that music can help with exercise in several different ways. It can serve as a motivational tool, improve performance, and reduce perceived exertion. For these reasons, it is recommended that individuals incorporate music into their exercise routines. Doing so can help to make exercise more enjoyable and effective.

Music is the food for the soul... if you want to get the most out of your workout... music is a calorie free option baby!

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