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So the best workout music radio station is now going LIVE on both on the App Store and the Android Google Play Store. We had an android app for a little while but in all honesty it wasn't cutting it. We are going to be investing the money in an Android app that will be the same functionality as the apple app... we should have done it sooner... and we're REALLY, I MEAN REALLY sorry it took us this long but it had to come at some point.

We're stoked that the best fitness music in the business is going to have twice the audience size. It'll be AWESOME! People have been asking and craving for it and every time I felt bad that I had to tell them like yeah... the android app wasn't really up to par with the Apple App... so it's a whole other market that could open up a whole different level of possibilities. We need to live with intensity and turn it up after this weekend. There isn't a class we can't take and book we can't read to get this thing up and running. We are going to fight like crazy and keep faith and keep the illness and keep faith. We want to continue to deliver the best fitness music and workout music known to man. We love what we do and we think that you should too... if we can help save you the time between working out and shaping your mind mentally all into the same time frame it only gives us more free time to do other things... It's built for a time crunched athletes... it's a little bit of mental help, it's a little bit of church even... it's designed to help you... it's built to help you think differently and motivate you with some truly motivational music. So if you want to change the world, try shaping your mind by listening to the best workout music and fitness music station known to man.

We must never be satisfied with where you are. You really only need the information and the motivation to execute.

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