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Pandora Workout Playlist

So our friend Kevin posted about this yesterday... and honestly... it's exactly why we started Murph Workout Radio in the first place. He made a meme where he was upset at Pandora and their workout playlist because he was in the middle of a hard workout and all of a sudden they drop the ball with their next selection of music. Well... Pandora playlists are based on what's trending but the problem is that people who workout to music is their own breed of human. Good Exercise Music is something that has to be programmed by another human... some songs just get those feelings moving and granted it's slightly different for each person but for the most part... songs that motivate one person in the same genre of music will also motivate people from a different genre. So keep that in mind. However, there are some very strong staples in the music industry which allow you to overcome and push through those workouts. People just need to be reminded of what those staples are. Likewise that's why we also programmed several different channels so that we could appeal to a larger demographic market audience and please several people. A lot of times what we find is that the lack of motivation is because people are depressed... and how you can get them out of that depressed and unmotivated world is to surround them with positive uplifting messages. Gentle reminders from some of the best speakers in the world mixed in the with the music is how you condense personal development and personal growth into the same hour or two or 8 that you're working out. Thus creating the best free workout music known to man. Everyone loves our exercise music and wouldn't trade it for the world. The fitness music industry is a hard one to make it in but all 13,000 listeners as of today are going to be ready and we are ready to provide them more and more music. I've heard all of the music for months so I am starting to need something new and crave something new... but for a lot of new listeners to our fitness music this is their first time hearing what we can do... which is awesome... It always makes me smile to know that I'm making other people smile and accomplish their greatness.

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