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Pre Workout Powders Helping or Hurting

So Most people think of us as the best free workout music known to man and on the planet. Our workout radio company delivers AMAZING content to help promote motivation and fitness around the globe. One thing that I want to talk about is Pre-workout. I am usually all about pre-workout powders because they just give you this burst of energy that we so desperately need and want. For the past 14 days I have been off of my pre-workout powders and I feel slow and sluggish. I think the idea is that I am going to try to get to a point where I don’t need them… but I feel slightly conflicted about this because I have gotten in really good shape using them. I think they need the right type of workout but they can boost your performance on any given day for sure but it’s a balancing act because you don’t want to absolutely need them everyday to perform either. Going without them is similar to not having coffee in the morning for me. We all know how much coffee drinkers HATE going without their coffee. It’s theraputic for me to drink my pre workout… use the bathroom, turn on some of the best free workout music known to man… mainly Murph Workout Radio of course… BUT THEN… go kill a workout… I love working out for hours and those pre work out drinks allow you to do that… or allow you to tap into that additional energy. Did it exist all along or does it help you perform better? I guess we’ll never know… Just my thoughts for today… Send us a letter and tell us what you think. Until then, we will remain providing you with the best free workout music known to man on our workout radio channels streaming to you live!

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