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Running Music

I know you all think of us as the best fitness music in the world and just love everything we do as we strive to impress you with our amazing ability to create the best workout music... BUT... today we are going to talk about something a little different. Let's break it off into just running music... is it rock and roll? is it classic rock? is it dance? is it hip hop? Does running music also coincide with good crossfit music? What about cycling music? What type of music best supports the events and things that you're willing to do.

Well so the best cycling music is super simple. The most efficient cycling happens at 90 RPM or repetitions per minute so synchronizing your music to 90 beats per minute or BPM to your feet moving at 90 RPM seems like it makes a lot of sense. Unless we start talking about electroswing music which is a whole other category all together of cycling music. I've seen some dance music for cyclists... they seem to like the constant beat and rhythm.

Crossfit music is more just sort of whatever you enjoy listening too. I've seen people workout to rock music and hip hop mostly... every now and again there is some dance in there.

Weight lifting seems to be going more into the hip hop music however I personally like to listen to Rock or classic rock while I work out.

So the bottom line is that there are no rules... It depends on the mood... if you're in a funk and just want to be happy we recommend our good vibes channel. Which has a TON to offer in terms of good vibes.

The running music station provides a bunch of which is sort of a good eclectic mix of some of the songs that we love to run to... But it's always tough because what motivates people is all different. The other odd part about running a workout music radio channel is that depending on when you tune in to our workout music, if you don't like that particular song, then you're first initial reaction is to turn it off, but the rest of the station might be something that you're absolutely in love with! So when you turn on a particular station and when we are playing songs that you like, have a lot to do with your perception of the station... which is awesome but also sort of sucks.

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