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So are you all wondering what happened to races? Do you want endurance races to come back? Well they are starting to come back. We just got confirmation that Team Sisu is going to be putting on their world famous IRON... Have you gotten your dose of IRON this year?

To fill you in, It's a 36 hour endurance race. It starts on April 30th 2021 and goes until May 2nd 2021 at Camp Trask in Monrovia CA.

Here's the link if your interested... and think you're good enough...

It's an endurance event that will physically, mentally, and spiritually challenge you over the course of 30 plus hours – push you out of your comfort zone, and hone your resilience. Athletes and experienced competitors come from all over the world with one goal in mind, to earn the IRON SPIKE

Every year, the IRON changes, no two years are alike. This year you will need to be physically ready and should be prepared to sharpen your survival skills. Understanding navigation, building a shelter, honing your naturalist skills, and maintaining the right attitude will be vital to finish what many consider one of the toughest adventure races on the planet, with a heart.

There will be a top 3 Male and female, an IRONMAN and IRONWOMAN voted on by the finishers, Squirrel award voted on by the staff, and finishers who earn the coveted IRON SPIKE.

The SISU IRON is very proud of its diverse staff that brings some of the most experienced race directors and athletes from all across the country.

The event is a collection of experiences and input from the best in the business.

Of course, Murph Workout Radio will be present to showcase our talents and help people get through their workouts. We may even design a few workouts for them to do. We have a few fun ones up our sleeves. We promise to keep delivering the best fitness music and workout music known to man. Every exercise music just can't hold a candle... we are excited to showcase our talents and provide a workout soundtrack to this awesome event. We will also be video taping and capturing a lot of the very cool moments and capturing some really nice video for this event. We are excited about this opportunity and we will crush it as always.

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