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Spin Class Worth It?

So we have been getting a lot of questions lately about the best workout music and exercise music to for a good spin class workout. What is going to help people improve their fitness and motivation more than anything else. Well Spin class is always a topic of conversation when it comes to our workout radio station. So Spin class isn't too great on the upper body... but for the lower body, it will burn you out. Working out your quads, calves and legs will burn considerably more fat than other workouts... the reasoning is that they are the largest muscle groups in your body... Those muscles require more blood which requires your heart to do more. The more work your heart has to do, the more fit it gets also. The main key here it try to not to push too far and die... but anything short of that is great. Go home eat some broccoli... eat some protein... then come back tomorrow... or maybe the next day... or if the soreness from the workout has taken your fitness to all new heights... maybe the day after that... but working out your legs is essential to fat burning... If you haven't ever run a triathlon... every one of those people know... that if you don't train for the bike... it will ruin your run. It takes your legs and works them out like there's no tomorrow. During spin class where you are switching intensity levels both in terms of resistance and in terms of speed keeps your heart guessing as to what task it has to perform next. It will stay in that state of overwhelming shock for the next 24-36 hours and continue to burn fat even while you sleep. So if you want to get in the best workout... you need to workout legs. You should also plan on tuning into Murph Workout Radio. This will make sure that you stay closer to that 36 hour fat burn period. The best workout music is essential to a good workout. You really want to kill the exercise music otherwise you'll be forced to stay closer to the lower fat burn quantity.

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