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Strength and Endurance Foods From Amazon and Trader Joes

So a lot people have asked me how I maintain my fitness so well... The answer is it's mostly diet. The food you eat has the ability to help nourish, rebuild and recover from your workouts... So here's the quick tips and tricks... this is the trader joes version. From top left to lower right...

1. Honey Badger Pre Workout - Bought from Amazon, this pre workout hits pretty strong and has healthy ingredients. The main key to this one is that it doesn't have sucralose in it which most pre workouts do. Sucralose is a chemical that has been linked to weight gain along to many other problems. You should avoid it at all costs... this is what Honey Badger is really great for.

2. Orgain Sport Protein - This is a plant based protein. Also from Amazon. I like chocolate... it tastes like chocolate milk. It has 30 grams of protein in it so it's a high protein with really high quality and help you feel full longer.

3. L-Glutemine, Creatine, and BCAA(s) - These are all supplements that help with muscle gain.

4. Coconut Water - This is an essential part of building muscle. Potassium is one of the main building blocks of building muscle... you can use banana's too... but I prefer coconut water. The goal should be to get in 4700mg of potassium a day... if you can achieve this, then that REALLY helps you get stronger both in strength and endurance.

5. 100% Liquid Egg Whites - These are great because eggs are the easiest absorbed protein by the body. This is a high quality protein that will help you build muscle and has all protein so it has zero fat and zero carbohydrates. Super easy to make too. Put some avacado oil in a pan and then you can just pour this guy in and make some scrambled eggs. Super quick and efficient. Then add spices

4. Avacado- Avacado's have healthy fat in them. Eating one per day can help train your body to switching over from burning carbs for energy to burning fat. Among many other benefits such as a bunch of vitamins and minerals that help your body function.

5. Ezekial Bread (cinnamon and plain) - I know a lot of people love bread... but the truth is A LOT of bread out on the market today is TERRIBLE for you... if it has flour in it, then just forget about it... that's where Ezekial Bread comes in. Ezekial bread is made from sprouted grains and is flourless. It' a low glycemic index and glycemix load meaning that it will not contribute to weight gain. The cinnamon raisin is AMAZING for morning toast. This can be procured at Trader Joes. And if you pair with the Organic Grape Concord Jelly... that's even better. SO GOOD. This does have carbs in it so if your trying to go for a KETO diet then this may not be the best solution. So what would we use the plain bread for? well that's for making sandwiches ... it's a bit dry so it goes well with some organic honey which is great at helping you pass through alergy season well. Also the other amazing thing you can do with it is take at least three eggs and crack them into a bowl and put some cinnamon and other french toast type spices and make a batter... then dip the bread in the batter and then put them on a pan over heat and make french toast.

6. Grass Fed Beef - 1 LBS of this has 80 grams of protein a bunch of CLA, BCAA's and a natural creatine that will really help you build muscle, get cut and lean.

Just Chicken - This trader joes purchase is awesome. It's the only "already grilled" chicken that I looked at the ingredient list and it was nothing but healthy ingredients. This packs a powerful punch of protein with zero carbs.

7. Grape Seed Tomatoes - This has a bunch of vitamins and minerals that are used to help your body recover faster... these are high in vitamins C, A, and E.

Not pictured are healthy spices but the ones you care about look like this.

  1. Cayenne Pepper - This will help you lose weight. It helps your blood glucose levels

  2. Turmeric and black pepper - We are going to list these two together... but this powerful blend will help you in more ways than one. Turmeric is actually stronger than steroids according to some research and increases pain tolerance which allows you to work out harder... to gain additional benefits from this take it with black pepper which helps you digest it.

  3. Sea Salt - This has a bunch of sodium in it... it helps you stop from cramping during races and helps with the absorption of hydration.

  4. Cinnamon - The benefits of cinnamon have too many to list here in such a short article... this is easily consumed with organic apples. Use an apple slicer and slice the apple and sprinkle the apples in cinnamon or dip them into a cinnamon bowl...

Nuts - Small amounts of Almonds will actually help you lose weight. They have a lot of calories in them so you need to be careful but ten almonds a day will supply you with a lot of L-Argenine which helps you build muscle, it gives you a really high quality protein AND will actually help you lose weight.

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