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Superhero Crossfit Workout

So I know... you all think of us as the best fitness music app known to man... And there's nobody who does workout music or exercise music as well as we do... but... I had a friend challenge me to a Superhero Crossfit workout today... So there is the premise... potentially you are not doing enough reps... yet weight is important... but... to truly get that Iron man, aqua man, captain america, and super man male body physique that everybody is looking for... what is the right formula? Well the answer is... there isn't one single thing... the reality is you have to switch it up and keep your body guessing. So usually I would do

25 X Perfect Push ups

25 X Wide arm push ups

50 X Sit ups

25 X Shoulder raises

25 X Bi-cep curls

25 X Tricep extensions

then do that all four times so I was hitting 100-200 reps... but I wasn't really seeing the results yet... So a friend challenged me to a different type of workout...

10 X Sit ups

10 X Push ups

(EMOM) Every Minute On the Minute

then go for 50 minutes... The total is 500 reps... supposedly I'm going to be really sore tomorrow when I wake up but so far I feel good... So not sure... We will see. But it was fun nonetheless.... and now back to our regularly scheduled programming... of producing the best workout music known to man. People seem to be loving our fitness music and workout radio app. Everyone I've talked to at least has said it's the best fit radio station they've ever heard of.

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